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  1. Increased number of user pollutants

    We would like to be able to trace pollutant sources through our 2D model. The way to do this would be to use the user defined pollutants . But... at the moment there are only four pollutants and potentially we'd have many different sources that we'd like to track. Can the number of user pollutants be increased? We can't give a number that this would need to be increased but it could be several hundred.

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    Thanks for this, I assume that as long as the end goal of being able to trace a significant number of sources through the 2D is met this would be sufficient? As in it is not actually pollutants you wish to be able to trace but rather the source of flows?

  2. Infoworks ICM- Sewage Temperature Modelling and Heat Losses

    The following features should be added to Infoworks ICM for modelling temperature impacts for Heat extraction or heat insertion projects:
    - Sewage temperature to be added in WWG file as a pollutograph parameter and can also be defined in a diurnal pattern to consider trade temperature profiles
    - I&I temperatures can be extra entered
    - Linear heat losses can be defined for standard pipe configurations towards an equilibrium temperature
    - Temperature mixing at each node, based on WQ simulation engine
    - Heat extraction or insertion possible at any model node

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