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  1. Select objects outside polygon in SQL

    In Infoworks ICM the SQL select has a spatial search option where I can, for example, select all nodes within a 2D zone.
    I am wanting to select all nodes outside the 2D zones, and this I am unable to do as inverting the selection will select all objects. not just nodes.
    I want to do this as I am only trying to run a subcatchment of a larger model and wish to change the node type of the nodes outside the 2D zone so they dont try to connect to the surface. Infoworks seems to prevent a model from…

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    IN DISCUSSION  ·  pascal.lang responded

    Hello, thank you for this. In this particular example could you invert the selection, which I appreciate will select all objects other than the nodes inside the 2D zone and then hold down CTRL while opening the Nodes grid? This should open the nodes grid with only the selected nodes active so that the flood type can be changed if needed.

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