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  1. Flood Studies Update: Ireland  ·  RECEIVED

  2. Seamless Import/Export of Civil 3d pipe networks into ICM.  ·  ON ROADMAP

  3. As a user, I would like the CCTV survey import tool to identify when the Pipe Segment Reference/Pipe ID is inaccurate.  ·  IN DISCUSSION

  4. Auto populate an incremental ID for objects such as lines/polygons/subcatchments etc.  ·  RECEIVED

  5. Import ISYBAU networking into InfoWorks  ·  RECEIVED

  6. As a user I would like to use Equivalent Persons (EP) for demand allocation.  ·  completed

  7. Import/export of asset data to/from CSV  ·  RECEIVED

  8. Allow all objects (nodes, subcatchments etc) to be included within the ‘gauge’ objects used in the run window  ·  RECEIVED

  9. Allow the InfoWater Pro "Live Data Adapter" to Batch Import Sensor  ·  completed

  10. Run a SQL Query that requires sim and sim2 to be active from ICM Exchange  ·  RECEIVED

  11. As a User I want to use FME ( to manipulate model data, update the model. & extract results.  ·  RECEIVED

  12. InfoAsset Planner - Validate Existence of CCTV Video Files  ·  RECEIVED

  13. Validation of Bridge data  ·  RECEIVED

  14. NowCast data from Australian BOM  ·  completed

  15. Add Data Sets to InfoWorks  ·  RECEIVED

  16. Allow to Use TSDB when running a simulation in ICM Exchange  ·  RECEIVED

  17. Allow the InfoWater Pro "Live Data Adapter" to use non-live data

  18. Part load ICM results  ·  RECEIVED

  19. Batch Edit Datasets  ·  IN DISCUSSION

  20. Improved tutorial for setting up a network  ·  RECEIVED

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