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  1. Get time-series values from an existing (rainfall/inflow/level) event in ICM Exchange  ·  RECEIVED

  2. no flag update when updating via CSV  ·  RECEIVED

  3. InfoDrainage - Data Transfer to Site3D  ·  completed

  4. InfoAsset Mobile: Make calculations using blob field values

  5. Inflow files with different timesteps or ability to import multiple inflow files to a Run file.  ·  RECEIVED

  6. Inputting demand diagram in WS Pro  ·  ON ROADMAP

  7. Update Storage array from ground model  ·  RECEIVED

  8. As a user, when transmit a model in XPSWMM, I would like the externally referenced surface, soil and landuse also be packaged.  ·  RECEIVED

  9. Update fields by SQL that reference files other than loaded GIS tables ie CSV  ·  RECEIVED

  10. as a distributor, i would like to have the complete function of risk in planner into manager.  ·  RECEIVED

  11. Export Flood Profile from ICM to AutoCAD Civil 3D Profile file  ·  RECEIVED

  12. As an XPSWMM user, I would like to be able to import flow data from SWMM5 Inflow/outflow formats. So that I can import results from CUHP.  ·  RECEIVED

  13. Link to InfoAsset Asset Management Software  ·  RECEIVED

  14. InfoAsset Planner - COF/LOF Wizard Pipe Inventory Table Join on Column other than FacilityID  ·  RECEIVED

  15. Use Machine Learning to estimate subcatchment inflows to network  ·  RECEIVED

  16. Merge radar and rain gauge data for accurate spatial rainfall assignment  ·  RECEIVED

  17. CCTV Wizard output  ·  RECEIVED

  18. Split a subcatchment  ·  RECEIVED

  19. As a user I need to represent and optimise for throttled discharge from subcatchments to node or conduit objects  ·  RECEIVED

  20. LOF and COF by intersection tool  ·  RECEIVED

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